We have extensive experience in the implementation of services supporting the HR departments in small, medium and large companies, as well as extensive structures.

The team of our consultants with the highest theoretical qualifications and many years of practical experience implements consulting projects in the field of:

  • Personal audit
  • Individual and group outplacement
  • Design and implementation of competence systems
  • Design and implementation of remuneration systems
  • Analysis of training needs
  • Preparation and implementation of employee development programs
  • Employee engagement survey
  • Research on the prevailing mood in the organization – Modern Survey
  • Building Employee Engagement (Making Engagement Happen)
  • Diagnosis of the organization
  • Engagement strategy
  • Workshops for managers and HR
  • Building Culture with high results
  • Construction of the Employer’s Brand (EVP)
  • Construction of remuneration systems
  • Audit of the remuneration system
  • The structure of total remuneration
  • Structure of positions
  • Career paths (professional development system)
  • Job evaluation (job grading)
  • Wage tables (payroll)
  • Communication and building satisfaction with remuneration
  • Bonus and incentive systems
  • Incentive systems for sales
  • Motivational systems for production
  • Additional benefits -benefits
  • Long-term pay (LTI)
  • Performance management – Performance Management