Temporary work is a flexible solution to employment issues. The service consists in acquiring employees in accordance with the client’s needs, employing them through Optimum HR, based on the act on temporary work and then delegating these employees to work in the client’s company. It is a kind of tripartite agreement between an employee, an employer – an employment agency and a user employer – a client of an employment agency.

As part of the Rental of employees service:

  • we acquire and recruit employees
  • we conclude with them – depending on the arrangements with the client – a temporary employment contract or a civil-law contract and temporarily or for a longer period we rent them to work at our client’s
  • in the case of employees made available for employers in the francophone countries (recruitment and cross-border exchange of employees), we prepare them to go abroad, and after the completed project we facilitate their return to Poland
  • we take over all HR and payroll commitments towards employees: we keep employee records, issue employment certificates, pay and pay wages, pay taxes and contributions, prepare relevant declarations, etc.
  • during the project we are in constant contact with the client and employees, we monitor their activities on an ongoing basis and provide necessary information.

Rental of employees is mainly:


Our clients emphasize that using the potential of flexible forms of employment helps them to introduce significant savings in corporate budgets. Thanks to cooperation with OPTIMUM HR, companies reduce the costs associated with recruitment and selection, administrative support or the need to maintain or create new jobs. And saving time and paperwork allows them to focus on key issues for their business.


Cooperation with us is also a great chance to verify the competence and qualifications of an employee before hiring him full time. Our clients not only have the opportunity to test the skills of their new staff, but they can also replace employees who did not meet their expectations in a short time. Thanks to such solutions, the companies cooperating with us are perfectly protected against the risk of making wrong recruitment decisions.


Temporary work and employee leasing is also a great way to flexibly supplement the employee’s staff. Thanks to the possibility of an immediate and free increase or limitation of the demand for additional staff, our clients are able to cope with seasonality, periodic increase in orders and sudden absenteeism of employees.