The verification service is one of the key services of our company. We verified over 3000 candidates who were considered in the employment process as well as employees already working for our clients.

Verification consists in verifying the correctness of the data contained in the CV before the candidate was accepted for work. It is the most effective way to minimize the risk of employing the wrong person.

What gives the employer professional checking of a potential employee?

  • Confirmation of credibility of the information provided by the candidate,
  • Reducing the risk associated with hiring a new employee,
  • Avoiding the situation of a quick departure of a newly employed employee,
  • Reduction or elimination of losses associated with possible recruitment resulting from the employment of the wrong person.

The implementation of verification of candidates consists of the following elements:

  • Detailed checking of references and employment history,
  • Verification of information about a person in credit databases, debtors, insurance history, data on criminal records and from many other sources,
  • Structured competence interviews,
  • Verification of knowledge,
  • Checking selected competences.